Sing-Along Piano Show

Perry's Sing-Along Piano Show is based on an amazingly simple concept: the audience is the star of the show.

So when you catch his show, be prepared to bring up requests, sing and clap along as loudly as possible, and—perhaps, when you least expect it—get called up onstage to do something crazy. Something goofy. Something that defies social norms. In front of your friends. And maybe your boss. (Don't worry, he'll call your boss up next.)

Perry is an exceptionally versatile singer and pianist, with a quick wit and a slightly bent personality. With a massive song list and many moons' experience as a professional entertainer, he covers a lot of musical ground. The emphasis is on classic songs that people love to sing.

Perry performs all over the country, in public venues and at corporate and private events. He is available as a solo act, or with another pianist (for "Dueling Pianos"). For booking information, please send us an e-mail.

Check out the video. Scan the song list. And then repeat after me: "We have GOT to hire this guy!"

More Than One Speed

Perry is also ideal for events that call for an intimate piano/vocal or piano-only performance.

A Few Clients

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